Oreck Halo Vacuum Cleaner Giveaway at MommyGoggles!

>> Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Anyone who knows me knows that I have two cats, a husband, and a four bedroom house. I am also always on the go and often entertain. I really need some help keeping our castle in order and ready for guests. Well, I love the idea of the new Oreck Halo Vacuum. It actually KILLS GERMS!!! Yes, it knocks those dustmites and germies right out! This is about the coolest vaccum that I have heard of. Considering that our vacuum is more of a dust-blower, I am very intrigued by the wonderful features of this Oreck vacuum.

Well, go on over to www.mommygoggles.com ( http://www.mommygoggles.com/oreck-halo-vacuum-cleaner/#comment-79857 ) and read Tanya's great review of this vacuum. Even better, enter her contest. Yep, she's giving away a free Oreck Halo Vacuum to one of her readers. Yeah, yeah, I really want to win it for myself, but fear not dear readers, you can throw your hat into the ring for the competition too. Oh, and while you are over at MommyGoggles, take a look around her blog. It is really worth a read!

Thanks for reading!

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