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>> Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I am back from vacation. Nope, I didn't take one of those trendy "staycations", I got the heck outa Dodge. We went down to Florida and then took a cruise to Mexico. Yep, lots of adventures. I am not going to go into a big travel log here, but suffice to say I got to know the bartenders, snorkled with the fishies, ate still I was stuffed, and finally won a trivia game for my "ship on a stick" (aka a little trophy of the cruise ship).

It is kinda funny though, my traveling adventures often have an unforseen side effect (no, not of the intestinal parasite type). When I get back from a trip, I usually appreciate my home and everyday life more. I guess absence can make the hear grow stronger to many things.

In about a week and a half, I am going on another adventure. Believe it or not, I won a trip to a NASCAR race. I am not known as a race fan, but I am indeed known as someone who will probably try or see almost anything at least once. Why not a car race? Live entertainment is such fun! I bet the people-watching will be great too. Oh... and as a side note, I also have a 1 in 10 chance of coming home the winner of a brand new Dodge Durango. Not getting my hopes up, but it sure would make a nice tailgate vehicle. Cross your electronic fingers for me!


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