UnPlanned Parties

>> Thursday, May 14, 2009

Last night, I was out running some errands. My husband called and told me that a couple of friends were meeting at our local Mexican restaurant for drinks and food. Nothing had been planned, but I turned my car around and headed on over. When I arrived there were 4 people gathered outside on the deck. We pushed some more tables together, and within a couple of hours our group had grown to 9 people. It was a beautiful spring evening. The humidity was low and the humor was high. All I kept thinking was what wonderful friends I have and how great it is when spontaneity takes over our overly planned lives. I think we all need to try just a bit harder to let go of our schedules, computers, smartphones, and appointments now and then. Sometimes it is great to just gather together on the spur of the moment and enjoy a nice relaxing evening. Gotta love spring!

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