The Dremel 4000 Giveaway at Home Construction Improvement

>> Thursday, November 12, 2009

Any of you who read my blog will know that one of my favorite blogs is at . Todd Fratzel runs a great site with tips on home improvement and also sends out an informative newsletter. Yeah, yeah, I've written about Todd's site before, but trust me, you are gonna want to head over there right now to get entered into his newest giveaway. is giving away a brand new Dremel 4000. This is the latest and greatest in the Dremel line of rotary tools. Just reading his review got my mind to wondering about all of the tasks that I could take on (and actually complete!) with this handy little (yet powerful!) tool. One of the greatest things about dremels is all of the cool attachments you can get for them. They basically become a small everything-power-tool. You can use cutting wheels, polishing discs, sharpening blades, drill bits, and even router bits. Gotta love the multi-tasking ability of this dynamo. So... yeah, get over to and read the whole review and sign up for Todd's newsletter!


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