Lenovo IdeaPad U350 Review & Giveaway!

>> Friday, November 13, 2009

Wow, I can't believe this wonderful giveaway. Yes, I am a techno-geek and I love that so many other folks are also getting more interested in computers. The greatest thing about computers is that they are really getting so easy to operate that they practically take care of themselves. There is a lot less "operator-error" to deal with.

Head over to www.mommypr.com and check out there great giveaway. They are giving away a Lenovo IdeaPad U350!!! Yes, a free Computer! The IdeaPad is perfect for us bloggers on the go. According to MommyPr's review, it is lightweight and even has a cool new feature called "veriface". The laptop literally takes a picture of you with it's webcam and then uses that photo to verify that the operator is the owner. How cool and Star Trek-like is that?

While you are over at MommyPr, check out the rest of the blog. There is a lot going on over there, and it is a great resource, especially with the holiday season coming up.


Thanks for reading!

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